David Warner—Why not learn some Hindi?

Say this next time, David Warner. You will be fine.

Say this next time, David Warner. You will be fine.

Australian cricketer David Warner just asked Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma to “speak English.” This is offensive. It is also embarrassing. Hindi is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. There may be more native speakers of Hindi than there are of English, and there are considerably more cricket players in India than there are here in Australia. So cricket is discussed in Indian languages a lot. Indian’s discuss cricket in Hindi, in Bangla, in Tamil, in Panjabi, in Gujarati, in Bhojpuri, in Telugu, and many more Indian languages. Yes, they also discuss cricket in English.

Australia is located right by Asia—within Asia, even. Consequently, many Australians are learning Asian languages, to improve their employment prospects, to broaden their international outlook, and to better acknowledge Australia’s place in the world. As Hindi is increasingly recognised as a global language, a growing number of Australian students are adding Hindi to their studies.

Instead of getting upset when people speak a language you cannot understand, why not learn a foreign language yourself? There are so many benefits in doing so. If David Warner wanted to learn Hindi, He could take a course at the Australian National University, or in my program at La Trobe University. We could even teach him via distance learning. Anything to help him greet Rohit Sharma next time with a friendly “आप कैसे हैं?”

If you’ll excuse me. I think I should go work up a unit on “cricket Hindi” for my students this year.


3 responses to “David Warner—Why not learn some Hindi?

  • Sunshine

    Nice…considering you stay in Australia. Also good to know what “others” think of Hindi. ध्यन्यवाद!

  • Saralhindi

    India is divided by complex scripts but not by phonetic sounds needs simple Gujanagari script (lines above and dots below free ) at national level.

    Simplified Hindi Script. Very few Hindi Promoters will reveal this truth.
    क ख ग घ च छ ज झ ट ठ ड ढ ण
    ક ખ ગ ઘ ચ છ જ ઝ ટ ઠ ડ ઢ ણ
    त थ द ध न प फ ब भ म य र ल व
    ત થ દ ધ ન પ ફ બ ભ મ ય ર લ વ
    श स ष ह ळ क्ष ज्ञ रू ऋ श्र त्र कृ ऊँ ॐ
    શ સ ષ હ ળ ક્ષ જ્ઞ રૂ ઋ શ્ર ત્ર કૃ ઊઁ ૐ
    क का कि की कु कू कॅ के कै कॉ को कौ कं कः कँ कृ
    ક કા કિ કી કુ કૂ કૅ કે કૈ કૉ કો કૌ કં કઃ કઁ કૃ
    अ आ इ ई उ ऊ अॅ ऍ ए ऐ ऑ ओ औ अं अः
    અ આ ઇ ઈ ઉ ઊ અૅ ઍ એ ઐ ઑ ઓ ઔ અં અઃ
    अं अँ आं आँ इं ईं उं ऊं एं औं ऐं एँ ईं इं ओँ औं
    અં અઁ આં આઁ ઇં ઈં ઉં ઊં એં ઔં ઐં એઁ ઈં ઇં ઓઁ ઔં

    Ka kha ga gha ca cha ja jha ṭa ṭha ḍa ḍha ṇa
    ta tha da dha na pa pha ba bha ma ya ra la va
    śa sa ṣa ha ḷa kṣa jña rū r̥ śra tra kr̥ ūm̐ ‘om
    ka kā ki kī ku kū kĕ kē kai kŏ kō kau kaṁ kaḥ kam̐ kr̥
    a ā i ī u ū a̔ĕ ĕ ē ai ŏ ō au aṁ aḥ
    aṁ am̐ āṁ ām̐ iṁ īṁ uṁ ūṁ ēṁ auṁ aiṁ ēm̐ īṁ iṁ ōm̐ auṁ

    One may learn Hindi here.
    What is your name?आपका नाम क्या?Āpakā nāma kyā?

    Why learn a language in a complex script ??

  • Saralhindi

    One may learn Hindi here.
    What is your name?आपका नाम क्या?Āpakā nāma kyā?



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